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Heart To Heart

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?” Luke 24:5

The resurrection story is all about our risen Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; it is the fulfilment of the Father’s promise and the prophetic word given to and spoken through prophets in times past. But it also carries something greater for all of us.

The angels who were at the tomb of Jesus on the morning of His resurrection asked a powerful question that is pregnant with purpose – “Why do you seek for the living among the dead?” It was only when they reiterated Jesus’ words on His resurrection that the ladies who were at the tomb remembered them.

This could well be the most important revelation that God could have revealed to them and also to us in our circumstances today. Perhaps some of us reading this could be journeying through a season very much akin to the day in between the death of Christ and His resurrection – of lost hope, of purposelessness, being like the dead among the very dead.

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?” is a question that jolts us to delving deep into our spirits and realising that for the longest time now, we could have been going in circles, searching for breakthroughs only to find ourselves in front of shut doors. When this question resounds in our very being, we need to realise that He is bringing about our breakthroughs and is reminding us to stop looking at the wrong places for them. Don’t look for the living (breakthroughs) among the dead (shut doors)!

God is about to release His biggest breakthrough for your life. Trust Him and keep journeying with Him.

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