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Heart To Heart

Foundations for another generation

It takes perseverance to lay a foundation. Not just any foundation, but one that will withstand the test of time. 

The term “cornerstone” used in the Bible is an important one because it is the final stone that is being placed to “confirm” the building’s integrity. If the cornerstone did not fit, it means the entire building is out of line. I like to look at skyscrapers. They are magnificent structures that take a lot of time and money to build. The most important part of the building would be the foundation as it needs to be able to hold the entire structure and not allow the environmental elements to cause it to collapse. Some of these skyscrapers dig as deep as about 100m of bedrock just to secure the entire structure. 

And here, in applying this truth to our lives in building a legacy, we need to invest time, resources, and sow the vision for the foundation to be laid. The key to building “in line” is consistency. This means that if we are “out of line”, we need to make adjustments. Children are perhaps one of parts of God’s equations in our lives, as parents, to sometimes nudge us in line. As innocent as they are, they call out inconsistencies in actions and speech. They hold us accountable to our word. 

There was a pastor (true story by the way) who testified that he wanted to buy a new car and God told him specifically not to do so. Of course, he did not tell his family what he desired in his heart, and one day whilst they were out on a weekend drive, he announced, “Let’s go take a look at cars in a showroom.” During the drive towards the car showroom, one of his younger sons who was sitting in the backseat and playing on his own started singing “Oh be careful little eyes what you see….” (You know the tune). 

Dear friend, as we continue to build His church, our families, our lives, how has your alignment with God’s call and purpose been? What areas do you need to check against the plumb line? Let’s take the time to relook and revisit how our foundations are being built. It is always good to do periodical checks than to finish the product only to find out that the foundations were off! 

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