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Christian Education

Calvary places a strong emphasis on God’s Word as “all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work” (2 Tim. 3:16).

Calvary’s Christian Education programme aims to equip Calvarites with the breadth and depth of Biblical knowledge through systematic teaching in classes and seminars. This is to enable them to apply Biblical truths in their lives.

Christian Education

Life Groups


LIFE groups are an integral part of our church life in Calvary.

Being a part of a Calvary LIFE group is one of the best ways for you to get acquainted and grow spiritually with our Calvarite community. Our LIFE groups are modelled after the discipleship approach of the caring community in Acts 2, and we discuss how God’s Word can be meaningfully applied in our lives.

Each session is facilitated and led by a LIFE leader, and is designed to engage you and others in the group, so that we are inspired to be transformed by God’s power and encouraged to apply God’s Word in our lives.

Life Groups


Serving in Calvary

We are excited to know that you are looking for opportunities to serve God! We are certain that as you serve God in one of our ministries, you will also build the lives of others. We look forward to welcoming you into one of our ministries!

  • Worship
    Do you have a desire to bring the church together to glorify God through songs of praise and worship? You could be someone who plays a musical instrument, sings, or even operate our projection and audio/visual equipment. In our Worship Ministry, not only will you get to create a meaningful worship experience for others, you will also work with other ministries to communicate and build an atmosphere of faith, hope, and love in Calvary.
  • Hospitality
    Do you enjoy meeting people and helping them stay connected to the church? As part of our Hospitality team, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with visitors and new members who come to Calvary. The team also follows up with newcomers with letters, home visits, and connects them to the pastors, church staff and other Calvarites.
  • Ushers, Traffic & Security Ministry"
    Looking for an area to serve our community in? The Usher, Traffic and Security ministry has four areas for you to choose from! 1. Usher – As the heartbeat of our weekend services, the ushering team welcomes everyone and familiarises visitors with the church premises. Whether it is ushering people to their seats, assisting with collections or answering questions, they have it covered! 2. Security – This team looks after the safety and security of our congregation by guiding and providing assistance in emergency situations, and ensures our members’ belongings are kept safe during our church services and events. 3. Traffic Marshal – Having issues finding a carpark lot? You will be in good hands as our team ensures the safe and smooth flow of traffic within the church’s car park and along the road outside the church building. 4. Befriender – If you are gifted in the area of hospitality, we would love for you to be on this team! One of the best parts of our church life is connecting and hanging out with people over a cup of coffee! This team helps assimilate visitors into our church family.
  • Intercession
    Are you passionate about praying for others and the church? If you are a firm believer that God answers prayers and requests when you come boldly before Him, we welcome you to join the Intercession ministry!
  • Calvary Community Services
    If you are someone who wants to bring joy and hope to the community and residents in our outreach programme, we look forward to you joining the (CCS). CCS is the social outreach arm of Calvary and over the last four years, we have focused our efforts in connecting with the residents around Bedok South Road.
  • Publicity
    Got a knack and an interest to share about our church life through the use of audio/visual media and across various platforms like our weekly bulletins and social media sites? If you are a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, videographer, or a copywriter, let us know! We would love to have you onboard with our team!
  • Pastoral Support Ministry
    Do you have a heart to show love, care and kindness to others? Join the Pastoral Support ministry and share the love of God with others through the meeting of their emotional and spiritual needs. You will have the opportunity to counsel others and provide inner healing and deliverance sessions for those who are in need of being set free from their spiritual bondages. You can also join in as part of the Pastoral Support Visitation team, and visit those who are hospitalised, home-bound or going through a period of bereavement. Finally, you get to reach out to the seniors in church to empower them to live well for His glory.
  • Audio, Visual & Lights (AVL)"
    If you enjoy designing and operating the audio, lights and video systems for people to be better engaged during our services, we welcome you to join us! The AVL crew ensures that all the audio, lighting and video system requirements are met, so that people are drawn into the every part of the church’s events and programmes.

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