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Heart To Heart

Beauty and God

Psalms 96:6 Splendour and majesty are before Him; strength and beauty are in His sanctuary. 

One of the things about God that is less noticed is perhaps His appreciation for beauty. God does not act out of a “merely functional” mode when it comes to putting things together. 

Each day that God ended during the cycle of creation, He saw that it was good. On the last day in particular, when Man was seen along with the whole of creation, God saw that it was very good. In Exodus 28, when He was giving Moses specific instructions on designing priestly garments, He said that they were to be “for glory and for beauty”. When it came to the design of the Temple of God during Solomon’s time, it was constructed at a cost of in between USD 3 to 6 billion in today’s terms, and the overwhelming beauty was so surpassing that attempts to replicate the Temple would pale in comparison to its former glory. 

When we grow in an awareness that He loves and appreciates beauty, it moves us beyond just getting by and getting through the things of life, ministry and work in a mundane fashion. 

Beauty goes beyond excellence and an eye for detail. It enters into the realm of creativity, flair and taps into the gifts that God has placed within us to bring forth things that go beyond being able to merely function but also aesthetically pleasing. 

Our God loves beauty!

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