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Heart To Heart

Victorious Momentum

2 Samuel 8:14b ..And the LORD gave victory to David wherever he went.

It is quite uplifting to read the entire chapter of 2 Samuel 8; account after account of victory and breakthrough taking place throughout David’s life as the new king of Israel.

Who would have thought that the shepherd boy hunted down by his own King would now become ruler over all of Israel and lead his army against tens of thousands of enemy forces and win every battle? But such was David’s life being in the flow of the things of God.

There was no striving for victory; all he had to do was do what he would do as a king – lead his army against the enemy. Getting into the flow of God is something that you will not be able to step into just by reading off a self-help book. In fact nowadays, there is a whole ton of books with pseudoscience and pet psychological phrases passing off as the answer to a blessed life. And they are not the answer.

The key, dear friends, lies in one thing and one thing alone: and that is God Himself. This is why the bible tells us that He confounds the wise in their wisdom. We seek answers in places that return motivated statements at best and at worse, spiritual stupidity.

As we grow in the things of God, may our theology be layered about the person, power, promise, posterity and prosperity of God (I like to call it the 5Ps). Indeed, everything revolves around Him!


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