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Vantage Point

Dictionary definition: a position that affords a wide or advantageous perspective

This term vantage point is typically used in the military and is also adopted in business. Prophetically speaking, it applies likewise to the things of God.

If we could go back in time and ask Gideon about the 300 that he had, you would not have needed to employ a data scientist or military adviser to tell you that the odds were completely stacked against him. The description of the Midianite army being “locusts in abundance as sand on the seashore in abundance” would have made surrender the easier option.

Ditto the Jericho walls that were so thick that you could actually race chariots on them. With the available technology of Joshua’s time, it would have been impenetrable.

In both situations, we had two different commanders who were greatly disadvantaged numerically but because of their vantage point, they could overcome the odds and seize a decisive victory with minimal casualties!

The vantage points that were afforded to them both are also presented to us; God invites us to view every situation we will ever face from His perspective. He always has the answer.

Theology-to-go: How do we embrace God’s vantage point for our lives?

It all comes back down to basics. Instead of waiting until we feel the heat of situations before seeking God for directions, we need to obey by acting accordingly, even though it may not fully make sense to us. It is through our act of obedience that secures a divine vantage point for us. And it is from that vantage point that we become empowered for victory and success.

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