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Heart To Heart


Today is Palm Sunday – the day Jesus entered into Jerusalem and was welcomed with shouts of ‘Hosanna!”. We enter into the passion week that culminates on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday! But what is this week really all about?

The Good Friday story is familiar to all of us, whether we’ve watched “Passion of the Christ”, sat in story­telling sessions by Sunday School teachers or been part our previous production, “Paid in Full”.

I’ve been reading the gospels recently and noticed that the authors had different takes when documenting the events leading up to and after Jesus’ crucifixion.

In the same way that the writers had different interpretations of those happenings, Jesus’ death on the cross holds a different meaning for each of us.

For me, the Good Friday story is a reminder that Jesus is enough for me. If He could bear all that pain, He can surely bear my burdens. If He said “It is finished”, then I have victory in Him, and sin and death do not have a hold over me.

In the same way that Jesus asked His disciples to think about who He is to them (Matthew 16:15), let’s take some time this Good Friday season to think about what Jesus’ crucifixion means to us personally.

And perhaps let’s take it a step further – think about who we can share this truth about Jesus with, and maybe bring them to “Just as I am” (Thursday to Saturday, 24-26 March, 8pm).

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