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Understanding Prophetic Fulfilment

The end point of the prophetic word for our lives is inevitable when we come into agreement and alignment with it.

However, I have come to realise that while the prophetic word is certain, our interpretation of it will colour our perspective as to how it should be fulfilled in our lives.

Reflecting this from King David’s perspective, he was anointed as king and the prophetic word was that he would be Saul’s successor. Interestingly, he had two similar occasions to wrongly bring about the fulfilment of this word into his own hands, both of which involved Saul being caught in a vulnerable position of rest and was completely unaware that David had crept near him.

Had he taken the occasion to rationalise how the prophetic word would be played out without giving due consideration to God’s word and values, he would have made a terrible blunder and killed Saul to “fulfil” the prophecy that he would be king. Instead, he rightly pointed out to his men that it was not right for him to lay a hand on Saul, who was God’s chosen king for the season despite his obvious flaws.

At the end of the entire ordeal, David was vindicated by God and became the next king of Israel. His era of leadership was so successful that people would make reference to his time when they made comparisons with other kings who came after him.

Theology to go: How are you interpreting God’s prophetic word for your life? How are you adjusting your perspective in alignment to its actual fulfilment?

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