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Heart To Heart

Understanding and obedience qualifies you for family

Luke 8:21 “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it.”

I like how Jesus brings the Word of God to people in an unadulterated manner. Many times through His ministry in fact, He stirred up a great deal of controversy. In the context of Luke 8, His disciples informed Him that His mother and brothers would like to see Him. He took the opportunity to teach a Kingdom truth about those whom He considered as family.

In the original Greek language, the words “hear” and “do it” comes to mean “understand and without delay, execute it”. In fact, to take it one step closer, Jesus would have probably used Aramaic/Hebrew for the word “hear”, which is “shema”. “Shema” encompasses two elements – “listening” and following through with “doing”. In short, if you fail to follow through what God said, you did not hear Him in the first place.

Such a harsh statement puts the post-modern, spiritually misaligned mind set in a state of flux. But the truth is as plain as it is – only those who understand and obey are counted as part of His family.

Theology-to-go What areas of your life has He put a finger to that you find difficult to surrender or adhere to?

May we come before Him each day and ask for His grace to be conformed to His ways and thoughts. Grace is an empowerment – to understand His Word and live in obedience to it.

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