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Heart To Heart

Turning North

“You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north.” Deuteronomy 2:3

We will be going for our Family Camp “Go North” in a week’s time. The north of a compass is always the direction that we take our bearings from to triangulate our position. I remember during our military training for topography, we had to plot our routes with a given map to get from one checkpoint to another. Each time we lost our bearings, we had to quickly take reference from the north of the compass and work our way from there.

Sometimes in our life journeys we can end up striving ahead without constantly checking our bearings to ensure that we are on the right track. We go for days, weeks, months and even years only to realise that because we were one degree off our initial plot from the true north, we ended up a huge distance away from where we were supposed to land. Error always increases with distance.

At this moment, while we are firing off all cylinders and striving ahead towards our God-given goal building our church and advancing His Kingdom, we have to ask ourselves where we are at in relation to the true north to avoid the long term issue of finding ourselves afar from the landing zone.

What is true of His kingdom is also true for our marriages, our ministries, our businesses, our relationships, and just about any other thing we steward. Keep the faith. Constantly calibrate. Be ready to change course when needed. Spur one another on. Arrive together.

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