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Heart To Heart

Trials transform us

Acts 16:29 And the jailer called for lights and rushed in, and trembling with fear he fell down before Paul and Silas.

Crisis has a way of transforming us.

For this jailer who had to watch over the prison that Paul and Silas that very night was in for a rude shock. Who would have imagined that an earthquake would cause the prison to be destroyed and prisoners set free by an “act of God”?

Something caught his attention that very night that despite the crippling fear that caused him to collapse when he saw Paul and Silas unshackled, he was able to ask, “What must I do to get saved?”

The plausible conclusion was that he heard about God through their singing and praising. They were not like the other prisoners  – these two were bubbling with hope while the fire had gone out in the others. And now because of their singing, they got a rescue nod from above.

The jailer’s trial became his God-moment; when he connected the dots and realised that God was the one watching over His own, he decided to surrender his life to Him.

Dear friend, how are you approaching your trials? Are you connecting the dots from His perspective or yours?

The manner in which you process your trials determines your transformation and how far you will go with where He is taking you. For the jailer, it was his salvation. What breakthrough would it be for you? Process wisely!

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