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Heart To Heart

The Vinedresser, The Vine, and the Branches

John 15:1,5b – I am the true vine and My Father is the vinedresser… you are the branches

Bearing fruit is an essential mark in the kingdom; it is ‘kingdom productivity’.

When Jesus used the analogy of the vine, He referred to the Father as the vinedresser – the one who would determine the productivity of each branch. To whom there is fruit, that individual will be pruned so that productivity can be increased. 

There is one prerequisite for us to be productive – and that is if we are attached to the vine. The interesting thing about what Jesus said is that He is the “true vine”. This also means that there are vines out there are that are “false”. If we find ourselves grafted or attached to a false vine, we cannot possibly bear fruit for Him because it is entirely corrupted and untrue. 

Jesus makes it clear that the ‘abiding’ process is essential for us to bear much fruit. That act of abiding is a decision on our part to remain. He grants the grace to do so. Abiding and bearing fruit as a result comes hand in hand. If you abide in Him, you are guaranteed to bear fruit. On the same note, to whom there is no fruit after a while, it also means that while the branch seems attached, it is not abiding in the vine. The vinedresser then swiftly cuts, removes, and burns it. 

We need to constantly assess our lives and use our fruit-bearing capacity as an indicator of ‘kingdom productivity’.

What fruit are you bearing today? 

Are you bearing much, little or no fruit? 

If much, then prepare for a season of pruning, because He desires that you produce more. 

If little, then ask how you might be able to produce more fruit. 

If none, then seek for answers as to why you are ‘attached’ but ‘non-abiding’.  

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