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The Irrevocable Word of God

Romans 11:29 – for the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable

Irrevocable means unalterable, that it does not get recalled. When God “calls” someone, He issues a divine assignment and the requisite abilities to ensure that this assignment is fulfilled.

Someone once said that “the graveyard is the place on earth where the greatest untapped potentials are.” Indeed, we find a myriad of could-be history makers, inventors, Amazon/Alibaba/Facebook equivalent founders in this same place – the zone of “could-have-beens”.

God’s gifts and calling are irrevocable; He does not ever take them back once He issues them to you and I. This is why the onus is always on us to discover what these are and to immediately put them to work.

This is a basic form of what faith in action is – you and I taking hold of the certain and unchanging Word of God, discovering what it means to us in our personal lives and collective destinies of our local churches, and then appropriating and living out that Word on a daily basis.

With that certainty comes the promise of returns of a fruit-bearing life, because His Word never returns to Him void. It always accomplishes that which He has set out for it to accomplish!

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