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Heart To Heart

The father’s instruction in wisdom

“I have taught you in the way of skilful and godly Wisdom [which is comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God]; I have led you in paths of uprightness. When you walk, your steps shall not be hampered [your path will be clear and open]; and when you run, you shall not stumble.” Proverbs 4:11-12 [AMP]

Solomon who was bestowed abounding wisdom saw great value in legacy-building. His writings in Proverbs clearly showed that he understood the profound influence of wisdom on the lives of people.

His life in particular, was propelled with such wisdom that his stellar success caught the attention of nations and royalty alike. Of course, we know that even in his wisdom, he made glaring errors, some of which were legacy related which led to his son Rehoboam splitting the kingdom shortly after ascending to the throne. But regardless of the mistakes he made, we cannot discount the gift of wisdom that he had.

In this Proverbs 4 letter to his children, he notes his relationship with his father David and is now drawing out from what he caught (from his father) with regards to wisdom.

According to Solomon, wisdom is likened to guardrails on a path. He also uses the analogy of a pathway to tie in wisdom / righteousness and wickedness / foolishness. In summation, our entire life can be seen as a network of different paths, made up of choices which we are either nudged into or compelled because we do not have any other option.

Wisdom guards us from stepping into things that lead to our downfall. At the same time, when prized, it will also lead you to be exalted and promoted. The good news for each of us is that wisdom is made available to all who ask for her. The Bible tells us to get wisdom in all our getting. The wisdom of the Lord is pure and good, and it will elevate you to a position of greatness before Him and man.

Keep asking, seeking and knocking!

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