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Heart To Heart

The Ekklesia

Each local church around the world, like us in Calvary Assembly based here in Singapore, expresses itself in a unique, tangible manner.

The nature of the church positions it specifically to make an impact in the community to which it is called. When Christ calls us to be a part of His church in the local context of our community, He gifts and resources each of us uniquely so that collectively, we can step out to fulfill the destiny that God has for our church.

As we continue in our pursuit of what God has for Calvary, we need to constantly seek and ask Him for clarity of His purpose for our church. This is especially important in the times when difficulties abound and seem to have no end. This is especially critical in the moments when dropping out is a much easier option than digging in. Purpose and vision are so important in this day and age, and even more so for the people of God, for without a vision, the people perish

What does this year, or the next 5 years or decade hold for us as a church?

This is what we need to do – return to basics, seek the face of God, His heart, and mind. He has great things in store for us. It is for us to discover them and come into divine agreement and alignment to His purposes.

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