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Heart To Heart

Seeds and environment

Seeds have the potential to grow into something big… if we nurture their growth, that is. It would be rather odd for a farmer to scatter seeds without expecting a harvest.

The seeds for growth in different areas of our lives are given by God, and the onus is on us to set the environment for growth with His Holy Spirit.

Sometimes, we can dismiss a hindrance to growth as a recurring natural occurrence and therefore find it unnecessary to deal with it. Adam and Eve for example, saw the serpent in the Garden every day. From the conversation that Eve had with the serpent, it was clearly not a one-off sales pitch to try to get her to eat the fruit from the knowledge of good and evil. That particular conversation had been going on for a while!

There are many things we can learn from the Garden of Eden. Setting the right environment for growth as stewards of Calvary as a local church is of great importance.

Stewardship entails tending to weeds, watering, ensuring sufficient light and nutrients.

In spiritual terms, deal with the weeds which growth hindrances that could include “glass ceiling”, poor habits.

Water the seeds that have been planted within you. Let the Holy Spirit complete His work in your life. Stay immersed and build up your inner man.

Gravitate towards the light of His presence and stay soaked in it through worship and prayer.

Keep feeding on the Word of God. For spiritual infants, the Word is like milk and for those who are more mature, go deeper for meat.

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