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Put on the Mantle for 2017!  

In Reverend Ong’s recent sermon, he spoke about the mantle that God is placing upon us as a church. The mantle speaks of authority upon its wearer. God deliberately left Elijah’s mantle for Elisha so that he would use it.

More than a symbolic gesture of ministry transfer, the mantle opened the vial of the double portion of Elijah’s spirit for Elisha. It was time for Elisha to be walking in his own anointing and calling. But with the mantle upon him, Elisha began his ministry and ended up with twice the number of Elijah’s recorded miracles.

God has a plan for our church and He has placed a specific mantle upon us to accomplish that plan. Collectively, He has placed the onus upon us to wear it and dispense the fullness of all that God has vested within the mantle.

As we enter into 2017, it’s time for us to put on this mantle for ourselves and for our Church. God is positioning us in the trajectory He has set. As we embrace and walk in our calling, let’s put on the mantle of the Lord together.

Breakthroughs, liberty, miraculous power, extraordinary resources are now within our disposal to see this plan come to past. It begins with each of us saying ‘yes’ to the donning of the mantle. The most powerful and exciting part of our new journey is about to begin. Are you ready to embark on it?

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