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Heart To Heart

Making our impact felt

The Gospel is meant to be experienced by society in the fullness of its wisdom and power. It is the confluence of these two streams that the world will witness the reality of God and His Kingdom.

Too often the church at large has emphasised one at the expense of the other. Denominations that have emphasised wisdom, have neglected to flow with the power of God and have groomed disciples who encourage moral living without the full manifestation of a kingdom reality. This dilution has made us no different from other religions that also seek to “do good”.

On the other hand, the pure expression of power without the display of wisdom has little long-term effects on society as a whole. It is wisdom that attracts influence and positions people for marketplace leadership.

As we explore the Acts of the apostles, we will see this confluence of wisdom and power coming into play as the disciples (not just the Paul and the remaining 11) bring about cultural shifts and societal transformation. For example, the Ethiopian eunuch who was converted after he met Philip the evangelist while reading the scroll of Isaiah, returned to Ethiopia and brought about a nationwide revival which effects are still felt today!

As we enter into a season of positioning ourselves for apostolic impact, let’s tune in to glean apostolic insights on you too can make an impact and transform the world around you.

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