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Heart To Heart

Jesus loves you, do you know?

What does Easter mean to you?

I must confess that I forgot about the significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday in the midst of the busyness of the Good Friday evangelistic outreach.What does Easter mean to you?

This week as I reflected on the past one, I thought about how it took Jesus 33 years just to get to the real reason why He came to earth. Why couldn’t Jesus just be crucified and resurrected the moment He came to earth? Wouldn’t that immediately fulfill the main purpose why He came, and we would all benefit anyway?

Then God dropped this thought in my head: If Jesus had been crucified and then resurrected the moment He came to earth, then many people He had met during those 33 years would not have experienced or encountered His healing power, His deliverance and His love. Such is the love of Jesus that He wants to touch as many lives as possible!

Today, Jesus’ love for you is still as strong as it has been since more than 2000 years ago. He still wants to touch your life, and He still wants you to experience His love and healing, and to encounter Him personally. Would you allow Him to love you?

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