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Jericho, the benchmark conquest.

Interestingly, the first city that God asked Israel to conquer in Canaan was Jericho. I would like to think that He could have at least given them an easy first battle, humanly speaking, to at least boost their morale and help them get into the mode of conquering.

But no, this battle was actually the benchmark that He was setting for every other battle that Israel would fight from that point – that if God was for them, nothing could be against them. Reflecting on this in the light of what we undertake for God inspires us to not just dream the impossible, but actually do it.

History tells of numerous failed conquests because of city walls that kept invaders at bay; very costly indeed, in terms of military resources employed to breach just one section of a wall to gain entry. Over the course of history, millions of soldiers from different armies would have perished trying to breach city walls alone.

Who would have thought that circling those thick city walls over 7 days would have made any impact? But that was all that was needed; not so for God to move, but for the people to bear witness to His power to do the impossible.

In our prophetic season of His “surge”, it would be of no coincidence if we are faced with a financial, relational, or even spiritual Jericho. And if we hold fast to His Word and stick to His plan, Jericho is ours.

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