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Heart To Heart

His invitation to the “more”

The Lunar New Year is a time we bless each other. Traditionally, it was the mark of the beginning of Spring, and the invitation to a new season of life.

God is also inviting us today into the “more”. Whenever we read the Bible and witness signs, wonders and miracles, we often have the perspective that we are but one of the “general population” and not the “anointed ones”.

This becomes our norm unless we catch a hold of the fact that it is an inferior perspective and that signs, wonders and miracles are meant to stir up hunger within us to discover, dig deep and establish new frontiers in our spiritual growth.

The difference in mentality stems from one of a child of God co-labouring with his/her Father’s sent Holy Spirit as opposed to a mere Sunday Christian being entertained by works or comforted by the fact that God still moves in the miraculous. Simply put, if a dead person was raised to life before your eyes, or if through prayer, a cancerous growth turned black and dropped off an ICU patient’s body, do the signs/wonders lead you to pursue Him or are they an end in themselves?

Dear friend, God invites us to experience “more” of Him. May His works and wonders awaken our spirits to yearn and desire to lean in to His heart and go deeper into the things of God. May our hearts’ cry each day always be “more of You, Lord! It’s not enough! More!”

“It was the yearning passion of my soul, asking God in a greater measure than I knew… my soul was demanding a greater entrance into God, His love, presence and power.” John G. Lake

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