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Heart To Heart

Growing through conflict.

Acts 15:39 And there arose a sharp disagreement, so that they separated from each other. Barnabas took Mark with him and sailed away to Cyprus.

Conflicts are uncomfortable as they can potentially create strains in relationships. This is why people tend to avoid them as best as they can.

However, as we are likely to face it in our endeavour to build lives together, how can we best grow through it?

Well, Paul and Barnabas present to us a powerful example of how this can be done. In Acts 15, their disagreement on whether to take Mark with them was so sharp that they split from one another. Paul was objective: John Mark had a history of dropping out and would likely be a ministry liability. He could not afford the ministry plans getting derailed at an important stage. Barnabas was pastoral at heart who saw potential in Mark.

I believe that because their hearts were leaning towards and focused on building the growing church, they were able to keep their eyes on the fundamentals despite not ministering together: “apart yet together”.

Be it in ministry, business, family, relationships, as we lean our hearts and minds towards building lives, may we learn to process and grow through conflicts that will be inevitable, in a godly and mature manner. Let’s always remember that we are all about being God-seekers and life builders every day, everywhere and with everyone!

As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, it is also a great reminder to know that God is the builder of all our families. Have there been conflicts at home? Well, let’s grow through them instead of letting it pull us apart!

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