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Heart To Heart

Growing In Prayer

Most recently during a Life group meeting, one of our members lamented on the difficulty in praying publicly, to which we encouraged him to take it one step at a time and start out with a simple prayer while we stood in agreement with his prayer.

I recall the time during my Sunday school days where I dreaded being called upon to pray as I had no idea what to say, and not to mention the least, I was afraid that my mind would go blank during the prayer. Today, it has become easier and I realised that growing spiritually entails growing in prayer.

One of the top theologians in the world, Gordon Fee, said that all he needed was to listen to someone pray for five minutes and he would be able to sum up the person’s theology! I concur with Fee because I find that the journey towards our fluency and ability to articulate our prayers come through the revelation of His heart and the knowledge of His word.

When we take the effort to read and understand His Word, we imbibe His truth in our spirits, and are able to at least be on track fundamentally when we pray.

Likewise, when we tune in regularly to His heart by spending time with Him, it reflects through our prayer as He “drops” impressions in our hearts to pray.

Let’s continue to grow in prayer today by knowing His Word and seeking His heart!

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