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God expects faith from the faithful

Numbers 14:38 Of those men who went to spy out the land, only Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jephunneh remained alive. 

The original meaning of being “faithful” carries a form of steadfastness or fullness of faith. Interestingly over the years, this meaning has been made obsolete and in its place, “faithful” has been diluted to mean “thoroughly carrying out one’s duties”.

Reverting to its original meaning, our faithfulness should bring us to steward our lives being full of faith in approaching everything that we do.

Israel sent out 12 spies to report on the land that God was bringing them into. 10 of them returned with a poor report that struck fear in the hearts of the people and robbed them of their fighting will.

While Joshua and Caleb’s report was similar in objectivity – giants and other obstacles, they read the entire circumstance through the eyes of faith. Despite the seemingly insurmountable difficulties that they saw, they were certain that God would bring the victory.


It is odd that Christians (or the “faithful”) would all go to church on one weekend, have faith declarations, sing victorious songs of how God delivers, pray fervent passionate prayers and live the rest of the week like a deflated balloon waiting to be “pumped up” in church again.

This is not how the life of a faithful is meant to be lived. God expects faith from the faithful. Start by reading your circumstances through lenses of faith. #faithful #reflect #lensesoffaith

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