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Fighting Fit – Fit vs Fat

The zeitgeist trends with health, fitness, eating right, living well. To a great extent, there is truth in it in that we are to steward our bodies well.

But the Bible tells us something of greater importance. And that is, we should seek to be spiritually fit. So often, we neglect the power present within us that can only be cultivated through relating with Him. When the things of the world and the cares of life distract us, one of the worst things that can happen besides being spiritually malnourished is that we become spiritually fat.

While both extremes are bad, I believe that being fat could be a more difficult condition to deal with. With the amassing of sermons, Christian education material on digital and on demand, it is no longer an issue of “eating” but ensuring that the diet is holistic.

This entails discipline. The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel 4:8 that Eli was old and very fat. These words were not placed in there as a mention of his obesity more than it is an indication of the lack of discipline. And the effects of it were that the entire nation of Israel was spiritually bankrupt.

Their “spirituality” was merely a veneer that wore off at the heat of the battle that very day when the ark of God was captured and Eli broke his neck and died.


As soldiers in this end-time call, what are you currently doing or failing to do that is causing you to be “old” and “very fat” in a spiritual sense?

Let’s take the time to reflect on this and start moving ourselves to do something about it!

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