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Heart To Heart

Faith in the midst of disappointments

One of the key things that I realised we are lacking as children of God is our ability to process disappointments, hurts and pains well. We try to numb them, dump them down, theologise them away using Scripture that may not even be precise to the context that we are in, amongst others.

The psalmist David wrote many psalms and reading through them, we can tell that it was not all plain sailing in his life. David lamented, expressed pain and sorrow, called on God during trials and tribulations, and even engaged in an occasional rant every now and then within his psalms!

It is David’s manner and attitude reflected in his psalms that give us a glimpse of how we can endeavour to approach our disappointments, pains and hurts.

Firstly, he respected the sovereignty of God and tempers his expressions. A lot of what we get in modern day vernacular are mere frustrations peppered with  vulgarities. Instead of articulating the issue to God, we assign blame and audaciously even pin God as the source. It behooves us to realise that God is neither threatened nor held ransom by our words. We need to approach Him with reverence and humility.

Secondly, he assumed a posture of anticipation for God to bring breakthrough. It is an act of faith for us to take on a future-based view of something that has yet to happen. It is important for us not to hold onto one single mode of breakthrough as it might cause us to miss what God would like to bring to us. In short, breakthrough comes in His way and His time.

Thirdly, he understood that God loves him deeply and is with him in his frustrations and the rage of emotions that he felt.

When it comes to being disappointed, it is a journey for us to process our resentments and negative emotions by looking to Him. God desires to walk it through with you more than you can think. For the recent testimony of Seets, God sent her Ian to go through it alongside with her.

God is still speaking to you in your disappointments. Wait to hear His voice and know His presence in the midst of it. Express how you feel to Him and surrender that emotion to Him.

Wait for His breakthrough that will turn the tide in your life.

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