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Heart To Heart

Faith in healing

Have you ever prayed for someone and he died? Or attempted to raise the dead and the corpse remained as still as it was? How about praying for a blind girl and her world remained as dark as it was before she came to the altar?

Well, that’s me. And that is the honest journey of one who is still in his secret place contending for breakthroughs.

The question I always ask whenever healing and miracles are not immediately seen or experienced, is “What is missing?” or “What did I miss from Him?”

It is important for us to realise that whenever it comes to the matters of the Kingdom, the experienced error or missing link is never on God’s part of the equation. It is always ours to discover and realign.

That is faith in practice pertaining to healing. With that we find it more spiritually sensible to alter our questions from “Why did this one get healed but not this one?” to “What is God already doing in our midst and how can I play a role in being a conduit of the healing anointing that is flowing here?”

So while I may not witness the power of Christ in every diseased situation that I have been called to attend to, I look for the one that He is already working in and use it as an anchor testimony to “share” His healing with another.

A case in point was when I saw how God miraculously lengthened the shorter leg of a church member and shared it with a distant relative who was in severe pain and could not walk without her walking stick. She received the testimony with such joy and after some encouragement for her to try walking her stick, she put it aside and started walking and cried tears of thankfulness as she did!

By telling people what He has done, we set them and ourselves up to witness a repeat act of His grace and goodness.

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