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Dromos – the race of life

The word “dromos” in the Greek is derived from the verb “to run”. While it typically represents a running competition, it can also be applied into a mission or assignment.

Luke wrote about finishing dromos (the race) with joy and the ministry that he received from Christ, to testify of the gospel of the grace of God (Acts 20:24). Paul wrote about fighting the good fight, finishing dromos and keeping the faith (2 Timothy 4:7). 

A couple of years ago, Pastor Henson shared with us about being Awakened, Aligned and Assigned. It all leads up to how we run our dromos. Here are some tips based on the typical marathon instructions on how we can run:

  1. Show up in the right form – prepare your heart for the assignment. 

  2. Train continually for it – it is a long haul game. Not a short sprint. 

  3. Know where the water points are – refresh yourself continually in the Lord. If you are tired, acknowledge it and take intermittent breaks. Don’t get fatigued to the point of dropping out and discontinuing. 

  4. Keep your eyes on the prize – this helps in constantly aligning yourself while you are in the race. Finish off well. 

How are you running your dromos today? 

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