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Heart To Heart

Discovering Stories, Connecting Dots

Ever since we have been on this series, God has been taking the time to unveil the lives of people both within and outside church. These encounters in #discoveringstories have been a real treat to listen to.

Just a few weeks ago, one of our members shared a testimony of another member on how God brought her through a painful divorce, healed her and gave her an abundance of joy to live for Him.

On the way to lunch, another member bumped into her pre-saved neighbour who shared how her grandson had been hospitalised and been in a coma for weeks. This opened a door for her to visit her neighbour’s grandson in hospital and pray for both him and her.

Yet another member shared about how he reconnected with a youth who had stopped attending church for the past 8 years. This youth’s story revolved around an ordeal that left him scarred, but God came through and delivered him from depression in the time of darkness and fear.

We need to connect the dots when God starts unveiling stories to us. Stories present powerful gateways for us to reach out to pray and connect people to God in a unique way that no other approach can. These same stories can be used as leading points for us to touch the lives of others. We can literally generate a momentum of God’s goodness rolling out from one life to another, just by being His vessel to extend His love to others!

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