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Coming into agreement

Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. Matthew 18:19

I was watching my niece and daughter pray-play at a café and one of them said “Let’s pray, you follow after me.” They started mumbling things that did not make much sense, much to the laughter of the parents and of course, some correction (as some parts bordered on innocent irreverence). They had been observing and also brought through times of personal prayer at home and while they did not understand the concept of “coming into agreement”, they were actually practising it! 

The word “agree” or “symphōnéō” used in this passage of Scripture appears 6 times in the New Testament and half of these occasions it is used in the book of Matthew. The meaning of the “symphōnéō” is to be harmonious or be “in sync”, like how we will think of a symphony. There is no dissonance, no harsh cacophony of clashing sounds that are not meant to be together. 

God meant for us, in our asking, to simply accomplish one thing – to be in symphōnéō”. We do not need big numbers to be in agreement – just the bare minimum of two. Our issue is not about asking – we pray individually, we attend prayer meetings and have been called to pray constantly. The issue is really, coming into agreement. 

How do we come into agreement? 

Well, we will need to have someone else, minimally, who is willing to agree with what we are about to ask the Father for. This is not some formula spouted by a success coach – it is as simple as the Word of God goes: 

Come into agreement with another, then ask the Father.

What is it that you are seeking for? A healing? A breakthrough in your business and finances? A ministry breakthrough? Open doors to the community that you are seeking to bless? Let’s start by putting this simple truth in the Word into practice. 

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