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Heart To Heart

Building right on legacy

The Jews who are God’s chosen people to be set apart and through which salvation (Jesus) would come, have a rich heritage. The fact that the Bible specifically chronicles the lineage (family line) of specific individuals and families underscores the importance of leaving a proper legacy through which the generations after can build correctly upon.

An improper legacy DNA, built upon ungodly values can result in an entire family line being destroyed.

For example, Abraham’s nephew, Lot, had two daughters who had allowed the culture of Sodom and Gomorrah to corrupt them. They ended up sleeping with their father and bore Moab and Ben-Ammi. The family line of these two individuals were the Moabites and Ammonites, both of which entered into a long-drawn embittered relationship with the nation of Israel (Abraham’s family line).

On the other hand, a proper legacy DNA can ensure longevity. As long as the new generations continue to build right, their entire family line can experience not just a rich heritage but one that is successful and be instrumental in advancing the Father’s purposes in the earth realm.

David was partially successful in building this model, but the momentum was lost in Solomon’s son, Rehoboam’s generation and the entire nation split.

What is true of a family can also be true of a church and even a nation. This is why we need to continually lean ourselves in to His heart and ways.  This is where we can gain real traction and stay on the right trajectory.

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