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Be strong and of good courage

Joshua 10:25 “Chzak v’ematz

In the Hebrew, the verse in Joshua “be strong and of good courage” can be disaggregated into two components; one on strength and might, and the other, of inspired courage.

When Hitler invaded the Rhineland in 1936, Britain and her allies could have easily put a stop to his further advancement and prevented the escalation into the Second World War However, despite having military might, their lack of decisiveness cost millions of lives to be lost when Hitler’s campaigns gained traction. Strength without courage is pitiful.

On the hand, courage without might is also just as bad. Imagine the tenacity of a cancer-stricken patient in desiring to fight the malignant cells but due to low resistance and no access to medical treatment (aka might), overcoming is likely to be an issue.

Whenever you are faced with obstacles and challenging circumstances, remind yourself of this verse because what it really means is that we have an assignment to overcome each problem with strength and with courage. Cowardice and courage are both contagious, and either choice will result in a domino effect that will either affect you positively or negatively.

Remember that He is fighting alongside with you, and has never left you once to fend for yourself. Rest in that thought and act out of that position of advantage. If He is for you, what can be against you?

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