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Apocalypsis Kai Iesous Kristos Revelations 1:1a

For most of us who are acquainted with the movie/comic/cartoon series of the X-men, this term strikes fear in the hearts of those in the series because this creature is one of the most powerful mutants bent on destroying the whole earth. It has also come to be used in mainstream vernacular to mean the end of this world.

Yet, this word is derived from its Greek origin apocalypsis which really means revelation. The book of Revelation is really Apocalypsis Kai Iesous Kristos or the Revelation of Jesus Christ. This puts things into perspective, because while it is interesting to note that future events to come, including the anti-Christ, the rapture of the church, the war on the plain of Megiddo, this entire last book of the Bible is really about Jesus Christ, and how He, the Son of God, brings closure to what Adam started and messed up in the beginning.

So before we get all fixated about the dystopic events, let’s realise that it is not about doom and gloom but about Jesus glory and Presence Jesus’, to be precise.

The study of the 7 Churches is an invitation for us to once again realign ourselves to His heart and ways. This is especially so since the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, is coming back for a Bride (the church) who is spotless and blameless.

Let us take this time to reflect and adjust.

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