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Heart To Heart

The Why, Where, and How of the Call of God on each of us

God is looking out for each of us whom He has called out of darkness into His marvellous light. As our Father, He is vested in our journey and how we will live lives that count. It is important that we grow in this awareness of what He is doing in and through us, especially with His call on our lives.

Being saved is not a destination. It is a beginning of a beautiful story that begins with us discovering the wonders of His love and then uncovering His call for our lives. Since everything begins in Christ, our perspective of purpose and meaning must be articulated from His point of view. He who called us into His kingdom and family has designed this ecosystem so that as huios (mature sons), we can participate and be a part of all that He is doing.

This is how the Father is like – taking His children along on the family business to reconcile the world to Himself. How does this grand divine scheme of things play out in the day-to-day of a Christian, you may ask? What does it mean to me in the context of my life and the church I am at?

For starters, God has instituted the local church to be a unique expression of the group of believers gathering to do life together and participate in what He is releasing through that particular church. Each church is positioned to bless the very community that she attracts and serves.

As each of us journeys together with the larger body (of Christ) set in the local church (for us, it is here in Calvary AG), it is good for us to understand how we fit into this community. The apostle Paul admonished the Corinth church that “when you gather, everyone has a psalm, teaching, revelation, tongue, or interpretation. Everything must be done for upbuilding. (1 Cor 14:26)”. The spiritual tapestry of the church has been designed beautifully by Him such that as a corporate body, when each of us brings our gifts and talents and express them with the intent of building up, the church is nurtured and it grows in a healthy manner. This spiritual growth then translates into numerical growth as He notes the stewardship in guarding and flourishing what He has entrusted into our hands.

Dear friend, let’s take the time to reflect on your journey here with us at Calvary – the ‘why’ (reason for His call to you being here – it is not a coincidence), the ‘where’ (the community of believers are right here), the ‘how’ (you will be a part of this community and express your God-given gifts/talents to be a blessing). Let us grow in our awareness of what He is releasing through each of us to build up one another in His house!

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