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Instead you ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that." (James 4:15, ESV)

There is only so much we can do in our short span of life on earth. Living up to 100 years may seem a long time, but in the light of eternity, it is but an ink-mark used to place the comma in a 100,000 page Encyclopedia.

The apostle James reminds us not just about the frailty of life, but our approach towards it. He calls boasting of success an evil that we ought not to get into. In fact, in verse 3, it is made clear that when we lay out our plans, we should approach them from a God-willing perspective rather than a self-driven one.

This debunks the self-made man and successes touted by motivational gurus, and puts us back to the zone of humility, knowing that it is never about us, and all about God.

That plan to climb the corporate ladder that you are thinking of making? The investments that you will make and profits that you will reap to make you another million or 10 million dollars? That school that you that dream job that you have been aiming to get into? How about that dream job that you have been thinking about since you were in primary school?

God-willing, let it happen, and if not, He has something else ready for you. The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord, anyway. The point is about your approach – and approach always determines success.

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