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Heart To Heart

God The Healer


One of the church elders emailed me to inform me that God put my husband and I in his thoughts during his morning devotion time. He sensed that God wanted him to pray that we would pray and seek God more, and spend more time together as a couple. Both my husband and I ignored the email. We had a big quarrel the next day and had a week-long cold war. On 19/11/2013, we went for Rev Derek Hong’s healing seminar and I found out that my hubby could not hear through his right ear for a few weeks. The next day, I had a terrible pain on my right side and went to the A&E, where I was given 4 packets of glucose and an injection before getting discharged. As I previously had a fibroid in my womb and a right ovarian cyst in 2007, the doctor scheduled a CT scan appointment for me, to check if the fibroid and cyst had grown bigger. That night, my hubby and I both remembered the church elder’s email. So we prayed for a week – I prayed for my hubby’s right ear and he prayed for my stomach. On 26/11/2013, my hubby went forward during the last healing seminar session to testify that he had regained hearing in his right ear. A church leader also prayed for my stomach that night. I collected my results on 31/12/2013, after a few weeks of prayers. Not only had the fibroid not grown, the right ovarian cyst had completely disappeared! Thank God for His healing, that He truly is all-knowing and as His children, we must be more sensitive to His spirit and respond in obedience.

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