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Heart To Heart

God is our Healer


My husband Kok Wing was working in Guangzhou, China. In October 2007, he was admitted to hospital because he had encountered some difficulty in breathing. He wanted to be discharged on a Saturday so he could be home to catch a soccer match. But his close friend advised him not to be in a hurry as he would be discharged that coming Monday. It was most fortunate that he had stayed in the hospital because the nurses found him lying on the floor early Sunday morning – my husband had suffered a stroke. If he had gone home to his apartment, nobody would have known about his stroke as he lived alone in Guangzhou. That weekend at home alone would have cost him his life. That Sunday morning, I got a call from his boss in Singapore informing me that he had suffered a stroke. When I arrived in Guangzhou on Sunday evening, my husband was still conscious but rather weak. By the following morning, Kok Wing’s condition worsened. He had to have brain surgery immediately. My husband did not wake up after the operation – he lapsed into a 1-month coma and all scans indicated 70% damage in his right brain. There was also a massive build-up of liquid in his brain stem that affected his nerves, cardiac and breathing functions. The doctors gave me the prognosis that his entire left side would probably be paralyzed even if he did wake up. I was asked to prepare for the worst and to notify all our family to Guangzhou to visit him, which they did. I never doubted what the Lord can do. I prayed for Kok Wing every day throughout his 1-month coma, and declared null and void all the negative medical reports because Jesus is his Lord, his Healer and miracle Maker. I believed God could restore him and I pleaded with God saying, “I don’t want to be a widow.” Every day I spoke into Kok Wing’s ears and declared that Jesus is his Lord, that his spirit must arise and he must wake up. I commanded in Jesus’ name that all strongholds of the enemy and Satan were to flee his body as Kok Wing belongs to Jesus. Through God’s miracle, Kok Wing regained consciousness after a month. Kok Wing is now able to walk, and he has regained all his senses, speech and memory. Our God is so awesome. He is our Healer. Glory be to Him.

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