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Heart To Heart

God-Given Friendships


When I was in Secondary 2, I became best friends with a classmate. It was not long after that I started noticing something strange about her. In Secondary 3, she became more possessive and insecure, and even started picking fights with me for no apparent reason. I became emotionally affected because of all the fights and our friendship was very unhealthy as I grew too emotionally dependent on her. My family and friends asked me to end the friendship as it was really affecting me physically and emotionally. Despite all the arguments and comments that family and friends made, I still could not end the friendship, as I believed that I had been placed in her life to show her God’s love, and hopefully lead her to Christ. She was suicidal and faced many problems, so I felt the need to be there even though I was affected. I did not realize that I had been relying on my own strength and wisdom instead of God’s until this year. After both of us had a huge argument, my family stepped in and stopped the friendship as I felt I could no longer handle it. Because of this friendship, I had initially thought that I would not be able to deal with not having a best friend in my life. This was because during the few years that my friend and I were close, I distanced myself from others as she grew jealous whenever I spent time with others. But I thank God that since this friendship ended, He has placed many awesome people in my life to support me through the difficult period, and who were always there for me.

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