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Heart To Heart

As God wills

James 4:16 For you ought to say, "If the LORD wills, we will both live, and do this or that."

We make a lot of plans on a regular basis. Even the impromptu ones, like dinner. While most of us may not say it very often, we do take pride in the fact that we accomplished what we set out to do.

This includes getting married, entering that new job, clinching that business, buying that new home, preparing our children for school. We make plans and feel that sense of accomplishment when we succeed in what we set out to do.

The apostle James reminds us to realise that all our plans, our lives and everything else that revolves around us, is subject to His will. God willing, we make our plans that come to pass because He has willed it. It is not a fatalistic worldview, but one that is tempered with the awareness of the One who is sovereign.

When David was in a place of decision making on whether he should pursue raiders or go up against the Philistines (1 Sam 30:8, 2 Sam 5:19), he enquired of the Lord. He knew that God had the answers and if God had willed it, he would have victory.

As God continues to work in our lives, may we be like David, acknowledging His goodness and plans for our lives. We minister, make plans, extend to others, and succeed, God willing.

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