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Heart To Heart

An Answered Prayer


In June–August 2009, I was posted to the Kindergarten 2 class in the childcare centre at Block 76 Bedok North Road. Many students from that class came from dysfunctional families. In the time I was there, a resident committed suicide, and heated arguments among residents often occurred at the void deck. I prayed over each child every day during their naptime, and also felt led to pray for the neighbourhood. Nothing seemed to change that year though. During August/September this year, a 10-year-old girl and her mother walked in for our 8AM service. I recalled her name, but I could not remember where I had met her. While browsing through my internship photo albums, I realized she had been a student in that K2 class. God had answered part of my prayer that my students would come to know Him and I was so overwhelmed by His faithfulness. Little did I know, just months later, our church would be heading to Blocks 75 and 76 to do community outreach for Christmas. When we were told of the event during Life Group, I got so excited that I shared this testimony with everyone present. 4 years after the long-forgotten prayers, it is as if God is allowing me the privilege to begin to glimpse into the plans He has for the people from that neighbourhood. What an honour and blessing to be able to witness such prayers coming to fruition. Thank God for His faithfulness and goodness!

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