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Heart To Heart

Aligning ourselves to His purpose

Understanding our context as children of light is one of the key building blocks in thriving where we are at. That level of self-awareness - of knowing how He has uniquely positioned each of us where we are, knowing the people around us whom He has called to impact, and critically - understanding how you can be the conduit of God’s grace in your context - will position you to succeed and be counted, from God’s perspective, as a good steward.

How can we “play well” within our unique context?

Perhaps it sounds abstract, but this is where it behooves us to start by returning to the basic question - “Lord, You have placed me here - in this workplace, church, family, amongst this people and community. Show me how I can re-present You, Your purpose, and plan, appropriately within this context.”

The preachers who have graced our pulpit have articulated theirs well. In most recent times, Pastor Jason Wong, spoke about his role in leading the Yellow Ribbon Project. He did so with such clarity that it made me reflect about my calling and purpose. Sometimes, with all the day-to-day doing and carrying out of various tasks, thinking, strategising, executing, our minds can be caught up with checking off the list, and we can forget the clock continues ticking. It never stops. And in the blink of an eye, another year, two years, 10 years go by.

To move when the pillar of cloud / fire moves, and to stay when it stops. That requires an active sense of watching, discerning, and listening; it also requires obedience. I have come to realise that when God asks you to do something, all you need to do is to obey and step in, and that thing will bear fruit because He has willed for you to be the active participant in bringing about His grace in that unique context.

<Let’s reflect:>

What is God calling you to do in this season? What are the hindrances that you sense to this call? What is one thing you can do to overcome at least one of the hindrances?

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