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Heart To Heart

A paradigm shift into grace

Faith is a journey that is not “devoid of hardship” but an “in spite of hardship”.

We have battles to fight. You probably know that by now. But did you know that our battles are also uniquely designed for us to be victorious in?

For us as children of God, we have been gifted (empowered by His grace) to do battle and emerge victorious. The battles of our lives manifest in different ways. Some of us look at battles and think about temptations that we need to overcome. It goes beyond that. In fact, our battles encompass the whole of life approach. They include the area of health, finances, relationships, business, even ministry itself.

Besides governance, the kings of the past had one responsibility – do battle. They either had to protect their empire from invasion or conquer other empires to grow theirs. David was tasked with such a responsibility.

2 Samuel 11:1 tells us that “in the spring, the time when kings go out to battle, David sent Joab.”

Did you know that he was supposed to go and lead his troops into battle? But instead, he sent Joab. In the very next moment, he found himself on a rooftop and was lusting after Bathsheba. The point is this - because he deferred and abdicated the responsibility to lead the battle he was meant to fight, he ended up in a battle that he was not supposed to be in. And lost.

We need to take responsibility of our battles and decide to fight them. It is only in the fight that His grace is released for us to be victorious.

What are the battles that you are called to fight today - A sickness? A work situation? A business issue? A conflict within a relationship? A hurdle within your ministry?

Every adversity that you face is not uncommon. As much as you dislike discomfort because of the challenge in front of you, it is a battle that you have been called to fight. So don’t abdicate it, don’t send someone else! Go out to battle. His grace will empower you to emerge victorious.

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