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Heart To Heart

Transformed to Transform.

Sometimes all we need is that God-encountering moment that awakens something within us.

Saul, before he was known as the apostle Paul faced this moment on the road to Damascus. He was zealous to accomplish what he thought was serving God well, and he was certainly having a good momentum in his persecution of Christians. Religion had blinded him to the point where he dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” with great religious pride. He had accolades and a heritage to boast about.

It was not until the moment he met Christ on that particular day that his entire life was transformed. In fact, his letters to the various churches revealed the extent of his transformation. He raised disciples who impacted other Christians and started churches. His perspective and outlook in life turned from one of religious pride and zeal to one of loving God and loving people. The humility of viewing himself as “the least of the saints” and “the chief of all sinners”, and counting his accolades as rubbish brings a fresh perspective of what it really means to gain Christ.

Dear friend, God is investing a great deal in transforming us into who He has purposed us to be. Our God-moments collectively transform us into the likeness of Christ. They also transform us so that we can partner with Him to transform the world around us.

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