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Reflections - 27 July 2014 

Focusing on the Problem



One day a storm raged through a small community, flooding the river and destroying their only bridge to the outside world.  Next morning the people gathered at the wrecked bridge and began to worry about their plight.  ‘The river is impassable; how will we get to the markets now?’ cried one.  ‘Without the bridge we’re completely cut off,’ said another.  ‘It’s impossible to fix this bridge!’ a third added bluntly.  ‘If we can’t get across the river, we will all perish,’ prophesized the fourth.

Then as the people started panicking they became aware of children playing on the other side of the river and it came as quite a shock to realize they were their own.  The parents shouted to their children, asking how they had crossed over when the only bridge had been destroyed.  The children pointed down river.  Because the parents had so focused on the problem of the broken bridge they failed to notice a great tree had fallen across the river during the storm, making a better overpass than they’d ever had before. 


A problem in our life only becomes ‘a problem’ when that’s all we can see.  Consequently, by focusing on the problem, we often don’t see the solution.  Far better to remain childlike exploring all possibilities and regarding problems as new opportunities just waiting to be discovered.  When we spend time worrying about a crisis without searching for the solution, the crisis will eventually overwhelm us.  God does not close a door without opening another    
(1 Corinthians 10:13).


So let’s keep our eyes on God and the things of God throughout the journey of life as we operate and live on the next level that He’s called us to.





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