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Don't Reject His Work!


Then, Lord,” Simon Peter replied, “not just my feet but my hands and my head as well!” - John 13:9


Whenever we read about the washing of Peter's feet, we think about servanthood and try to glean insights from that perspective on how we too, should be serving others.


However, this story serves another purpose in demonstrating how we should respond to God when He does something new. Radical as it may sound, He loves to use “turn the tables” and invert pyramidal structures of hierarchy. Just think about it - in just one act of feet washing, He addressed the mental construct in the disciples' minds regarding things that they considered “beneath them”; taking the “foolish things to confound the wise”!


Whenever an element of novelty or a tinge of radicality is introduced by God, we can, like Peter, reject that work because we do not fully understand it. However, Jesus is telling us the same thing He told Peter, “You do not realise what I am doing, but later, you will understand (v7)”.  What this means is that we are to let Him do what He is doing first and then the understanding will flow at a later stage.


I like what Pastor Dean said about “remaining a novice”, seeking for more and you will be filled. The hindrances to growth are our pride and mindset, so let's adopt this mantra especially to the things of God:



“Stay hungry, stay foolish” Steve Jobs

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