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Reflections - 20 July 2014 


A sinking cruise ship only had time to send a S.O.S. before it went down.  Thousands of passengers floated in the water and clung to the hope of being rescued.  Then, when all seemed lost, a charter boat sailed into view.  Soon its skipper and crew were throwing down lifelines and hoisting people safely onto the deck.  However, time was running out and there were still so many who needed to be saved.

The skipper turned around and called out to those who had been rescued to lend a hand, but few bothered.  Most were too busy getting themselves comfortable on the deckchairs – now that they were saved they only wanted to continue their cruise.

When we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and are rescued from eternal death, it’s natural to have a tremendous sense of relief.  However, once saved, we have the option of making ourselves comfortable and continuing our cruise through life - or we can get off our deckchairs and lend a hand with the rescue mission of those still in deadly peril of eternal death.

That’s what it means to live on the next level to which God has called us! To be actively involved in His rescue mission!

This Missions Sunday, let’s re-evaluate where we stand in this rescue mission. And let’s commit to do everything we can to fulfil it—whether it be through the giving of our mission faith pledge, our prayers, or our active involvement in missions.

Don’t be a benchwarmer; be a lifesaver!





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