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What Would You Bring to Me?


During the Christmas service just a short while ago, God spoke to me through the worship session where He brought me back to the Nativity scene in my mind's eye. As the Magi entered the manger and approached the baby Jesus, God asked me, "What would you bring to Me?"


At that moment, I realised that I had nothing that I could ever bring to Him that would ever be something that He truly desired. It dawned on me that no gift would be satisfactory although I could have tried to bring all the possessions that He has given me to steward. It was not my cheque book nor my schedule, although they would be visible vectors of "putting my money where my mouth is". In short, everything else that my mind could propose was necessary but insufficient.


I then realised that the only gift that He ever wanted was me, as much as it is for everyone else that He came to earth for. He was born for the purpose of redeeming mankind - and He wants nothing less than to have us reconciled back to Him.


When that thought hit me, it became a fresh moment of surrender once again; one of a rededication and a complete giving of myself to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.


What would you bring to Him today?


Catch a fresh vision of God to surrender your life to His purposes and be commissioned to be a Builder of Lives!



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