The Power of Words

From Carmaleela Kaur

I was on morning duty that day, and I was helping a colleague of mine to tidy her patient. She was nursing a 78-year-old man who was not doing well. He was unconscious and his blood pressure was really low so he had to be on IV Noradrenaline. This would help increase blood supply to the heart which means there would be a decreased blood supply elsewhere especially over the hands and feet and when that happens, the cells and tissues of the affected area, over time, will die. So this patient had been on this medication for close to a week, his hands had gone black up to his elbows while his legs had gone black up to his knees. All the blackened areas are basically dead flesh and there’s close to zero chance of recovery for that. I said to my colleague, should he wake up, he would need to have all his limbs amputated, what kind of life would that be? My heart literally broke for him and I felt burdened in my spirit for him. I would not want that to happen to him or anyone else for that matter. I hoped, with all my heart that he would wake up, not just that but also be fully restored. I said to God, “You know what God? It would be really awesome if he woke up completely healed. Nobody could ever take credit for that but You! Lord, heal him.” Before I left his room, I said, “I believe that you WILL wake up and you WILL be completely healed. I really do believe that!” and I left. The next day, I was not able to drop by his room but I received word that he was starting to respond to pain. 3 days later, I visited him. To my amazement, he was completely conscious, and his hands and feet were completely healed and restored! Praise God! This was also the day I learnt that truly, the words we speak could bring life or death.