Solomon’s greatest “secret” key to wisdom


Wisdom is a foundational element in legacy building. One of the ways in which it manifests is through a sense of self-awareness in realising the limits of one’s abilities, and the possible blindspots that one might have. 

One of Solomon’s great “secrets” to his wisdom was his inner counsel. 

They were a potent force to be reckoned with, perhaps even more powerful than the generals of the armies of the known world of that era. It comprised individuals who were known for being strategic, wise, politically savvy and socially intelligent, amongst many other things. Solomon would seek their counsel with matters pertaining to his kingdom and how he could ensure an effective administration. 

And Solomon’s success in life and his reputation preceded him, to the point where the Queen of Sheba was awed by all that she had seen. We often credit Solomon for being so wise, but it behooves us to note the presence of this counsel that he sought during his reign. 

The Bible deliberately left a note on this counsel especially right after Solomon’s passing and his son Rehoboam’s ascent to the throne. And why so? 

2 Chron 10:8 But Rehoboam forsook the counsel of the old men which they had given him, and took counsel with the young men who had grown up with him, who stood before him.

After this incident that Rehoboam messed up, the entire kingdom was split into two. This was in stark contrast to his father, whose first recorded case in judgment of two women and a baby left the kingdom in awe of his wisdom. 

What gives, especially in the light of legacy building? 

Well, we need to learn to draw from wise counsel comprising those with a wealth of experience and in whom God has bestowed wisdom. 

Are you seeking for wisdom? Praying for it is a good place to start. Asking for open doors to connect to wise counsel is perhaps the next step! God will point out those whom He has bestowed wisdom upon for you to start connecting with them.