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Heart To Heart

Your Moments of Significance

You don’t need a lot to enter into fulfilling what God has destined you to do. No, really.

Sociological studies have recently come to fore with research on success and one thing is certain – they are attributing it to “dumb luck”. Yes, having great connections help a great deal. Yes, working hard cannot be discounted. Yes, a high IQ and EQ are good indicators. But while we can try to pull data to determine what it is that makes someone successful and bring similarities together for people to “learn from”, to say that you have arrived because of your efforts or birthright or inheritance misses the point completely.

While the world does not yet recognise God’s hand in things and attribute to an uncontrollable element called “luck”, we as His children have little excuse.

Take a look at David. He only needed to be in the moment that God wanted him to be – take five stones, use just one to do the job. Perfect execution, flawless victory. How many shepherd boys or slingers or harp players were there during David’s time who were very good at what they did? Probably thousands.

What set David apart from them?

Perhaps the temptation is to think that it was because he was a “man after God’s own heart”. Notice that the verse merely states that he was a man after God’s own heart, not the “only man in the whole of Israel after God’s own heart”. There could be a whole bunch of Israelites much younger or older than he was who were pursuing the Lord with all their heart.

You can see where this is all leading to – His choice, His delivery. In fact, if we do a trace of biblical figures of significance, it leads to Him – picking His moment to accomplish His purpose. If He works out all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, then we need to trust that our “moments of significance” can only come because of His positioning.

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