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Wisdom builds an inheritance

“Proverbs 19:14 House and wealth are inherited from fathers…”

One day, like all those who have gone before us, we will depart from this life and transit into the next. Besides planning for our estate to be distributed, what is more important is the spiritual inheritance that we leave behind.

The concept of inheritance is established within the context of family. Spiritually speaking, this means that the next generation of Christians do not need to start building from scratch the very things that we have built through sowing in tears and reaping with joy. They receive everything that we build – spiritual heritage, insights, wisdom, amongst others, for free.

Recently, I was reading the Singapore Tatler magazine and came across the personalities of the Tatler 300 (in short, the who’s who in Singapore). About 9 in 10 of them did not build their businesses from scratch; they had resources (financial, insights) from the preceding generation(s) to leapfrog them into where they are right now.

Whether we like it or not, we will need to step into our roles as spiritual fathers, or we will leave nothing behind as a spiritual legacy.

To this end and in reference to this verse, what spiritual house are we building for the next generation? Likewise, what spiritual wealth are we leaving behind so that they do not need to pay the price to build from scratch again?

We need to build intentionally and make our moments count for His kingdom.

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