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Heart To Heart

Who touched my clothes?

Sensitive. Not in the sense of being a “sensitive guy”, but rather, having the acute awareness of the Holy Spirit’s power in His life and being.

That would be my one-word description of Jesus.

The real question for ourselves is: “How do we operate with such sensitivity that we know what happens when it happens?”

For the most part, most of us are probably clueless to begin with, about the spiritual potential that God has placed within us: the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is within us.

I’m not sure about you, but I  get frustrated (spiritually) whenever I am placed in a situation to act out in faith but do not witness the very thing that I set out to pray for in the first place.

It is not so much an embarrassment for me than it is for the lack of Scriptural fulfilment. In those moments, I would mentally go, “Where is the power?”

I’ve begun to realise the great need for us to return to the secret place for answers because the problem is never on His side of the equation. It is always ours.

When God reminded me about this passage of Scripture, the one thing I picked up in hindsight was this – if Jesus were to repeat this scene and question again with me on his ministry detail, I must immediately realise that power has left Him, and not wonder why He would ask such a question when He was being thronged by a huge crowd jostling to touch the Messiah.

In short, we are on a journey of discovering Him and His answers to this world. Some things are experiential before they get codified and passed down to be repeated. Let’s actively begin to discover His answers.

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