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The petition to be wise and understanding

Colossians 1:9 For this cause, we also, since the day we heard this, do not cease praying and making requests for you, that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding,

One of the primary things that we should be asking God for after we are saved is to know His will in wisdom and understanding. Paul made that petition for the church in Colossae and did it unceasingly.

What does this verse translate to for us?

It means that we should not stop at asking and seeking for wisdom and spiritual understanding to Iive out His will, but to do so for others as well. In short, we become participants in ushering in a Kingdom reality that aligns people to His will.

What would our communities, families, workplaces, businesses, ministry to the saints look like when this happens?

For starters, the most basic visible effect will be that of transformation. As stewards of the things that God places in our lives, we need His wisdom so that those things that He places in our lives can receive the best form of stewardship.

Imagine King Solomon in his element. As a young king, he had to govern the land of Israel that had a lot of issues to deal with. We know the story where he had to deal with two women who came to him with a baby, each claiming the child as her own. With no advanced DNA test, he sagaciously sifted through each woman’s emotional response to determine the mother of the child.

Under his reign, Israel became so influential as a nation that kings would travel just to get acquainted with him and learn from him.

Begin your journey of transforming the world around you by seeking for wisdom and understanding to live out His will – for yourself and others around you too.

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